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Up From the Pit Fantasy Football Week 11 Review and Weel 12 Preview

November 20, 2014

It’s the week before Thanksgiving. Which I believe is now termed Mauve Thursday, lube jobs and brakes are on sale throughout the land, in celebration of the Pilgrims not starving to death the previous winter. In Fantasy Football land we saw a week with some Topsy and Turvy heading into the Turkey Day home stretch. Let’s see how it hashed out.

Neer Neer (135 pts): The Tampa Bay Bucs may be having a horrid season, but rookie wide receiver Mike Evans (39 pts) has had an incredible two week stretch and NNN has been the beneficiary. 7 catches for 209 yards and 2 touchdowns. With Josh freaking McCown  throwing the ball. The Green Bay D/ST (33 pts) scored three times and added two turnovers in their rout of the Eagles.
Open Carriers (134 pts) The league leaders were only a point off the pace this week. The OC had their own 200 yard contributor with LeVeon Bell (29 pts) running for a sweet 204 yards. Emmanuel Sanders (21 pts), Jeremy Maclin (24 pts) and Rob Gronkowski (17 pts) did enough damage through the air to make up for soime pedestrian numbers elsewhere in the lineup.
Geatland Grendals (117 pts) Rising from the cellar for a week, last years champs grabbed the tiger by the tail, riding Bengals AJ Green (24 pts) and Andy Dalton (21 pts) to one of their best showings all season.

Start your Starters (114 pts) SYS got the right passer in the lineup this week and enjoyed Aaron Rodgers (28 pts) evisceration of the Eagles defense to the tune of 341 yards and 3 touchdowns. Matt Forte (22 pts) had another great ground and air game, running for 117 yards and a score, and catching 6 passes for 58 yards. Forte has 67 receptions with 6 games to go and is on pace to catch the record for receptions by a running back held by Arizona fullback Larry Centers at 101. The difference being that, while Centers was a fine player he was a secondary option in his offense. Forte is a true three down halfback and is having an amazing season. Too bad he can’t play defense as well.

Our Sports Team (111 pts) It felt like this was OST’s best performance in weeks. Eddie Lacy (25 pts) had 2 touchdowns, one through the air and one on the ground, and Kelvin Benjamin (25 pts) continued to be the only bright spot in Carolina. Alshon Jeffery (30 pts) responded well to his last minute benching by finally having a big game with 11 receptions for 135 yards and a trip to the endzone. All for naught.
Unaccompanied Minors (96 pts) Are the Minors letting a playoff spot slip away? Jamaal Charles (30 pts) and Jordy Nelson (20 pts) did their best, but an in game injury to TE Dwayne Allen (o pts) and a whole lot of single digit action from the rest of the team did them in this week.
Team Schierer (96 pts) The other contender to have a poorly timed off week, TS got the usual work from Killer A’s  Antonio Brown (24 pts) and Andrew Luck (21 pts), but third amigo Andre Ellington (10 pts) was bottled up by the Lions and Arian Foster (0 pts) was a late scratch.
Seoul Crushers (72 pts) Do not look directly at the Seoul Crushers box score, unless you are wearing the special safety glasses.

So here’s the running total. Open Carriers  continue to run away with the top spot. Are the Starters beginning to pull away from TS and the Minors? With three games to go a 6 point deficit isn’t insurmountable. Even NNN has yet to be mathematically eliminated! Can OST suck enough to fall into last place? Heck, if I tried to suck that bad I’d fail. 

Open Carriers 79
Start your Starters 61
Team Schierer 57
Unaccompanied Minors 55
Neer Neer 43
Seoul Crushers 40
Our Sports Team 36
Geatland Grendals 30

Week 12 kicks off tonight in a game that would look a lot better in the early 90’s. The Chiefs will feed the ball to Jamaal Charles until he breaks. The Raiders will chase fruitlessly after him. This weeks dare? Start a Raider… any Raider. The Bengals continue their mid season tour of the various southern divisions to face playoff nemesis Houston. Arian Foster is day to day with the groin injury the kept him out of the Browns game, but Ryan Mallet still lead the team to victory in his first NFL start. I expect an ugly defensive struggle. Let’s just hope JJ Watt doesn’t kill Andy Dalton. In other interesting clashes, The Denver Broncos, coming off their most listless performance since last January visit a red hot Miami Dolphins team that is shaping up to be a frightening opponent in the wild card round. The one loss Arizona Cardinals visit Seattle to take on a Seahawks team that is starting to look desperate.

The Panthers and the Steelers have the week off to do their Navy Blue Friday, Indigo Sunday, Burnt Sienna Monday or Cauliflower Tuesday shopping done.

As always, doublecheck your lineups and have fun!

Featured Image Credit “And this is how we play Football” by PascalCampion at deviatart.

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