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Up from the Pit Fantasy Football: Week 10 review, Week 11 preview

November 13, 2014

The Grommet has pinkeye this week, so I’ve been busy with him. But there’s still time for a lightning round version of the Week 10 Review and Week 11 Preview.
8 Seoul Crushers (166 pts) Marshawn Lynch (41 pts) rumbled for 140 yards and 4 tds. Jimmie Graham (29 pts) caught 10 passes for 2 tds. And Russell Wilson (22 pts) chipped in 107 yards on the ground. I’m having flashbacks to 2013.

7 Open Carriers, 7 Start your Starters (162 pts) The OC’s were led by Peyton Manning (33 pts) of course, with his 5 touchdown game against the Oakland area JV squad. SYS managed to match the league leaders this week behind a 158 yard, 2 score performance by Dez Bryant (33 pts), despite leaving Aaron Rodger’s (36 pts) six touchdown day on the bench!

5 Unaccompanied Minors (149 pts) The Minors benefitted from Rodgers big day with Jordy Nelson (33 pts) the recipient of 6 catches for 152 yards and 2 of those TD’s. Solid work from Jamaal Charlea (20 pts) and Larry Fitzgerald (20 pts) keeps UM right on the heels of SYS for the second playoff spot.

4 Neer Neer Neeeeeer (125 pts) Another great day on the waiver wire for NNN, snagging Tampa Bay rookie WR Mike Evans and reaping the benefit of a 7/125/1 td day. 

3 Team Schierer (120 pts) TS fell off the playoff pace, suffering through a brutal bye week, he was led by Tony Romo (21 pts) but little else. Andrew Luck and Arian Foster come back this week AJ, take heart!

2 Our Sports Team (115 pts) Eddie Lacy (20 pts), Demaryious Thomas (21 pts) and Kelvin Benjamin (22 pts) are suing the rest of this team for lack of support. Carson Palmer… we are really sorry we jinxed you.

1 Geatland Grendals (81 pts) The Bengals giveth, and they taketh away… Justin Forsett (23 pts) had a nice 112 yard 2 score day… 

Running Total
72 Open Carriers
56 Start your Starters
54 Team Schierer
52 Unaccompanied Minors
39 Seoul Crushers
35 Neer Neer
32 Our Sports Team
24 Geatland Grendals

As you can see, while no one is catching the Open Carriers, someone from the SYS, TS, or UM is going to get a chance to steal the championship from them in a head to head matchup in 4 short weeks. The undercard holds some drama as well. Can OST suck hard enough to fall into last place?

Week 11 kicks off tonight with the surging Dolphins taking on the upstart Buffalo Bills. The winner will look really strong in the AFC wild card race, the loser will need help. The Bengals travel to the Superdome to face a Saints team that has been disappointing all year, but may very well have a better shot at hosting a playoff game at 4-5 than the 5-3-1 Bengals because they play in the wretched NFC South. I’ve given up predicting what the Bengals will do. Let’s just hope the “Adequate” Andy Dalton shows up instead of the “Historically Awful” Andy Dalton who faced Cleveland last week.

The game of the week will definitely be the Colts hosting the Patriots on Sunday Night Football. Both teams are coming off a buy week, hopefully rested and healthy. Looking like the best team in football has been a bit of a curse this season. The Patriots are that team right now. Can the Colts knock them off and further muddy the AFC playoff picture? Team Chaos is certainly rooting for just such an outcome.

The Cowboys, Jaguars, J…E…T…S, and the Ravens have the week off to get their early holiday shopping started.

As always, good luck and have fun!

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