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Up From the Pit Fantasy Football: Week 13 review, Week 14 preview.

December 4, 2014

The math doesn’t lie. Start Your Starters, possibly the hottest team in the league right now, has collected the points necessary to secure the second spot in the UFTPFFL Super Bowl in two weeks against the Open Carriers. Congrats to Frank and Chris for great seasons. With nothing to play for this week, I’ve decided to start the Consolation Bowl this week. We will continue to keep score for the rest of the year and the non finalist team that has the most successful month of December will get their 20 bucks back, out of my pocket.

Neer Neer (159 pts) This might look weird if you haven’t been paying attention, but Neer Neer Neeeeer has been playing lights out the last few weeks. This week’s star was Houston Texan DeAndre Hawkins (40 pts), who caught 9 passes for a whopping 238 yards, with 2 touchdowns along the way. This with noodle armed Ryan Fitzpatrick under center! Drew Brees (30 pts) wasn’t as flashy but did connect for 5 touchdowns against the Steelers.
Start your Starters (155 pts) The Lions haven’t been consistent all year, but at least they have a healthy Megatron back in the lineup. Calvin Johnson (37 pts) caught 11 balls for 146 yards and two scores against the ever generous Bears defenders. Aaron Rodgers (24 pts) made a case for his second MVP award with 368 yards and 2 TD passes against the Patriots, while Bronco CJ Anderson (25 pts) rumbled for 168 yards and caught a TD pass against the Chiefs. SYS has a hot team right now, lets hope they can keep it up.
Open Carriers (146 pts) They had better keep it up, because the OC’s are just as hot right now. Le’veon Bell (38 pts) had a monster day against the Saints, running for 98 yards and grabbing 8 passes for 159 yards. No one else on the roster stood out, but everybody chipped in, with only the kicker and defense scoring less than 13 points.

Team Schierer (121 pts) Andrew Luck (36 pts), and Julio Jones (34 pts), who torched the Cardinals secondary for 189 yards, did their best. But injuries and uncertainty at running back left TS with only 2 points from his starters and Arian Foster (20 pts) and Antonio Brown (31 pts) on his bench. Unfortunate mistakes which have cost TS a playoff spot. 

Our Sports Team (113 pts) Speaking of points on the bench, every player on the OST bench this week save for Alfred Blue (0 pts) scored more than 23 fantasy points. No starter scored more than LeSean McCoy (21pts). That’s how you lose these games folks.
Unaccompanied Minors (109 pts) The tailspin for the Minors continues as no player gained 20 points. 

Geatland Grendals (88 pts) GG was even worse than UM, with Andy Dalton (17 pts) leading the team in scoring. 

Seoul Crushers (80 pts) Jimmie Graham (0 pts) played the entire game against the Steelers and was not targeted ONCE!

Open Carriers 90
Start your Starters 75
Team Schierer 63
Unaccompanied Minors 61
Neer Neer 53
Our Sports Team 48
Seoul Crushers 47
Geatland Grendals 36

Week 14 starts tonight with the Cowboys trying to rebound from their holiday disaster against the Eagles. Luckily the Bears are here to help! The Bengals take on the evil Pittsburgh Steelers in their first meeting of the year. A win here for Cincy could make their season finale match-up meaningless. The Ravens face the Dolphins with the winner likely to secure an AFC wild card spot. And the Patriots face a Chargers team that is suddenly hot again. There are six AFC teams with 7 wins, the next 4 weeks should be really interesting.

Featured Image Credit: Blood Bowl 

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