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Monday Muse: They Might Be Giants – Flood

March 2, 2015

The 25th Anniversary Of one of the formative albums of my youth has rolled around. They Might Be Giants was the first act I ever saw at Bogarts on Short Vine. The place was smoky and dirty and drippy. It still is actually. Back in 1990 John and John would still walk on stage just themselves, guitars and a metronome. It was a blast. TMBG was the geek rock alternative to the Grunge explosion, the perfect counterpoint to an era of music that sometimes veered into narcissistic depression. They still release interesting and innovative albums and you can still call Dial-a-Song.

I sing songs from Flood to my kids at bedtime, because that’s how timeless and awesome this album is.

You can wander over to their website and download TMBG playing the entirety of Flood live from their recent tour of Australia.

Featured Image Credit They Might Be Giants

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