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Up From the Pit Fantasy Football: Turkey Day!!!

November 27, 2014

With only two weeks to go, some teams are streaking and some are faltering. For one team things finally clicked after a big shakeup, although it’s way too late. Let’s see how things went.

Our Sports Team (151 pts)  OST turned over 6 roster spots, but it was their regulars finally coming through that rocketed them to the top spot this week. Shady McCoy (20 pts) is finally somewhat justifying his 1st round price. Eddie Lacy (27 pts) continues to blossom, and Josh Gordon (20 pts) was visibly out of shape yet still dangerous in his season debut after a suspension. But it was Demaryius Thomas (36 pts) who led the team with 10 receptions for 87 yards and 3 TDs. Where was this the rest of the year?

Start your Starters (150 pts) If there is such a thing as momentum in Fantasy Football, SYS has it. Matt Forte (27 pts) and Dez Bryant (27 pts), were joined by Denver running back C.J. Anderson (28 pts), who rumbled for 167 yards and a score. Add a kickoff return from the Philly D/ST (20 pts) and the Starters are peaking at the right time to secure that second playoff spot.

Seoul Crushers (145 pts) Another team left wondering where all these points have been hiding, the Crushers were led by their receivers this week, with Jimmie Graham (22 pts) scoring twice and the ageless Anquan Boldin (28 pts) snagging 9 passes for 137 yards and a touchdown.

Open Carriers (132 pts) Peyton Manning (28 pts) returned to form this week, dishing out 4 touchdown passes against the Dolphins. And new daddy TY Hilton (23 pts) celebrated with 4 catches for 122 yards and one memorable trip to paydirt.

Geatland Grendals (131 pts) When the Bengals do well, so do the Grendels. AJ Green (24 pts) caught 12 passes for 121 yards. But the star of the week was Baltimore Raven Justin Forsett (32 pts), who scampered for 182 yards and scored twice as the Ravens beat up the Saints on Monday Night. 

Unaccompanied Minors (107 pts) The Minors are fading fast. Jamaal Charles (22 pts) and Tom Brady (21 pts) are doing all they can. The UM’s need to hit all their spots the next two weeks to get past the Starters. 

Neer Neer Neeeeeer (105 pts)  Drew Brees (29 pts) had a desperate 420 yard, 3 TD game, and yet another great waiver pickup in Isaiah Crowell (20 pts) chipped in 2 scores, but it wasn’t enough to continue the NNN hot streak. 

Team Schierer (90 pts) TS has run into some awful luck these last two weeks. 

There are three games today! The Bears visit the Lions at 12:30 and the Eagles meet the Cowboys at 4:30. The Nightcap will be a nasty scrum between the 49’ers and Seahawks, two teams surprised to be looking up at the Cardinals in the NFC West. The Bengals finish their southern road trip in sunny Tampa. The Buc’s are a team in disarray, but never underestimate the Bengals ability to play down to their competition.

As always, have fun and doublecheck your lineups!

Open Carriers 84
Start your Starters 68
Team Schierer 58
Unaccompanied Minors 58
Seoul Crushers 46
Neer Neer 45
Our Sports Team 44
Geatland Grendals 34

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