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Up From the Pit Fantasy Football: Week 9 Review and Week 10 Preview

November 6, 2014

Sorry for the late posting fellow Fantasy Football fans. The Schmoo has pinkeye and is all oozey and sick these last two days. Just a quick review/preview this week.

8) Open Carriers (180 pts): Chris has just assembled a MACHINE this season. His lowest scoring position this week was Demarco Murray (12 pts). Murray is the highest scoring RB in the league. meanwhile Jeremy Maclin (33 pts) caught all the balls even though Mark Sanchez has taken over at QB for the Eagles. Manning, Gronkowski and Emmanuel Sanders each had 25 pts. So it goes.

7)Start Your Starters (138 pts): Frank beat the rest of the league to the waiver wire and picked up the points from another record setting performance from Big Ben Roethlisberger (37 pts) who threw for 6 touchdowns in a rout of the Ravens. This gives the Steeler a record 12 scores over the last two games, breaking the record of 11 set by AFL legend Tom Flores in 1967 and tied by Tom Brady in 2007. I wonder what the record for a three game stretch is?

6)Unaccompanied Minors (128 pts): UC swapped QB’s with the Seoul Crushers in a challenge trade this week. The Minors came out ahead getting 29 pts from Tom Brady’s 333 yard, 4 TD performance. An impressive week considering that they spotted the league a RB, not replacing the injured Gio Bernard in the lineup.

5) Team Scheirer (127 pts): Coming up a point short of the Minors thsi week, TS was led once again by the Killer A’s. Antonio Brown (31 pts), Andrew  Luck (30 pts) and Andre Ellington (22 pts)… and oh yeah Arian Foster (19 pts). Scour the waiver wire for more Andys and Anthonys?

4) Neer Neer Neeeeeeer (116 pts): Quickly becoming the class of the second division, NNN did a great job picking up freely available talent this week. Mark Engram (24 pts) and DeAndre Hopkins (23 pts) could have been on anyone’s roster this week.

3) Seoul Crushers (113 pts): The Crushers saw the return to form of Marshawn Lynch (30 pts) who rumbled for two scores, but Russell Wilson (10 pts) struggled to gain yards through the air.

4) Geatland Grendels (113 pts): Jeremy Hill brought 28 pts from his breakout performance against the Jags. But the rest of the Bengals on the GG roster had pedestrian outings.

1) Our Sports Team (80 pts): The Texans D/ST had 22 points. That’s pretty much the only think that went well last week.

Running Total
65 Open Carriers
51 Team Schierer
49 Start your Starters
47 Unaccompanied Minors
31 Seoul Crushers
31 Neer Neer
30 Our Sports Team
21 Geatland Grendals

As you can see, the battles for 2nd and 5th place are heating up. Week 10 kicks off tonight as the first round of the Battle of Ohio is fought at Paul Brown Stadium with first place in the AFC North on the line. These games are always exciting, but this is the first time in many a year that a Bengals/ Browns game has had this much riding on it.

A couple of other 5-3 teams in the AFC play this weekend. The Buffalo Bills face the tough Chiefs, with each team trying to stay ahead of a competitive wild card pack. The Dolphins do the same against a surprisingly 6-2 Lions team. The 49’ers and Saints, both 4-4, will battle to see who stays relevant in the NFC. And that is IT for compelling games, on paper at least, because the rest of the slate is Haves vs Have-nots.

Another big bye week with Indianapolis, Minnesota, New England, San Diego, Washington, Houston taking the week off.

As always, doublecheck your injury reports, set your lineups, and have a great time watching football!

Featured Image “American Football”: by SS-Cheong at Deviantart

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