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Manic Monday Parenting Links

October 24, 2011

Mine never look this neat...

Welcome! Tis the season for Treats and or Tricks,  depending on the quality of your Treat supply. Which I need to supply myself with ASAP.  We live in a fairly nice section of Northside and I go through a metric ton of Halloween Candy every year.  We are a bit of a destination neighborhood for trick or treaters,  we’re better off than some of our surrounding communities, and we’re a lot safer than the projects, so we get a lot of kids from the other side of the tracks so to speak.  Which is fine with me, trick or treating was always my favorite part of Halloween, and I think it’s something every kid should get to do as safely as possible.

But lets not get crazy about it, like the folks behind our first link courtesy of Lenore Skenazy at Free Range Kids.

From the Orlando Sentinel

App lets you track your trick-or-treater

Smartphone app allows parents to track their children as they trick or treat

So now we need to Lojack or kids for them to trick or treat?  Fuck?

From the article…

“TrickorTracker can locate a trick-or-treater with the touch of a single button on the user’s smartphone and requires that it is installed on the parent’s and child’s smartphones.”

Ok I guess, there’s an entire marketing gimmick built around tracking your kids through their cell phones.  We live in the age of helicopter parenting and we’ll stay there until the last of the Baby Boomers die off and hand off parenting to Generation X, at which point we’ll enter into the age of Benign Neglect parenting.  I’m already way ahead of the curve there.  It’s the next bit that gets me…

“If the child is too young to use a smartphone, Iconosys’ website states “the child is probably too young to trick-or-treat without being accompanied by a parent or guardian in any event.”

What…the …Fuck?  That’s our standard? If you can’t use an iPhone you can’t be allowed out of mommy’s sight?  By all that’s not in any way holy that is serious paranoia and we shouldn’t be encouraging it.  Barring automobile accidents, Halloween is one of the safest nights of the year.  Halloween is a perfect opportunity for your kids to gain a little self reliance and self confidence.  Once your kid is old enough to Trick or Treat by themselves (depending on your kid YMMV, but I’m aiming at 8 or so for Abby to make a circuit of the block with her friends the same age) , there is absolutely no reason to track them by satellite, OK?


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