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October 25, 2011

I’d like to revisit something from Monday’s post about  Trick or Tracker , the Android app that allows parents to stalk, I mean monitor their children as they Trick or Treat. I did a little poking around their website and boy did I find some fun stuff.  Trick or Tracker is the product of   Iconosys, Inc , another dime a dozen App developer, described in their own words…

Iconosys develops safety, security, and privacy-oriented technologies for modern-age personal technology devices and platforms.  Further, as a leader in the mobile communications market, we develop our technologies into retail grade Smart Device applications(Apps), web applications, enhanced web experiences. More specifically, Iconosys has developed nearly 500 Smart Device retail grade Apps since 2009.

That’s right… founded back in 2009… or as we call it now, “The Before-Time…the Long Long Ago”. They also provide such useful Apps as Guard’s Up, and Latchkey Kid, two products aimed at providing that extra feeling of security you can only get by tracking your child with a level of technological sophistication usually applied to the study of  migratory patterns.

Now let’s return to the Orlando Sentinel article we linked to on Monday, particularly this quote.

If the child is too young to use a smartphone, Iconosys’ website states “the child is probably too young to trick-or-treat without being accompanied by a parent or guardian in any event.”

That’s some crackerjack stenography on the part of The Sentinel there.  Now I’m not a childcare expert, just ask my children, but one might think that the anonymous web reporter for Q13 FOX News online could at least have linked to someone outside of Iconosys, Inc. to verify this bit of parenting wisdom?  Or are we just going to take  the developers of Zombie Slasher and Zombie Slasher: LA at their word on this one?  It’s bad enough that they sell a product designed to play on largely unfounded fears of lurking pedophiles,  they’re also encouraging a level of paranoia normally reserved for Dystopian Science Fiction.

I for one am waiting for the inevitable suggestion that you microchip your kids as infants, because then the Fundamentalist Christian will see it as the Mark of the Beast, and then the real crazy can take off!

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  1. October 26, 2011 8:11 pm

    dime a dozen? We are approaching 1000 dime-a-dozen apps built in 2 years. How about a one on one debate? Might be fun!


  2. blotzphoto permalink*
    October 28, 2011 10:31 pm

    Sure, it might be fun… but it would lonely… as you can see you’re like maybe the third or fourth unique commenter on my blog (Thanks for dropping in btw! Try the veal, I’ll be here all week.)
    And yeah, the dime a dozen dig is hyperbole (maybe unnecessarily so)… to tell the truth I have know way of knowing how to measure or predict the success or failure rates of app developers, your company may or may not be quite successful. That is beside the point I wanted to highlight, which is what exactly qualifies your company to dole out parenting advice about appropriate trick or treat safety? Show me a link to some expert backing up your claims, and if you don’t it’s certainly the journalists responsibility to check that claim, rather than merely cutting and pasting from the companies website. The journalistic laziness displayed bugs me a lot more than anything you’re doing.

    That being said I do contend that your product, and others like it, feed (or feed on) a paranoid parenting style that I personally find depressing and largely unfounded. Which is why I found out about your product at Free Range Kids. If you want a debate, I suggest writing Lenore… the stage will be brighter at her website.


  1. Grounded Parents | Welcome to our adorable dystopian future

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