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Another blog returns from the darkness…

December 2, 2011

As the Professor says, Good News everyone! Excellent science blogger Greg Fish has returned from the wilderness that is Grad School to restart his blog

World of Weird Things.  He’s a better writer than I so I’ll just quote from his about page:

Weird Things isn’t about debunking saints on cheese sandwiches, claims of telekinesis or simply reposting whatever science news come off the wires. It’s about researching big things and looking for the amazing, the unexpected and illuminating facts in a new light. Did an astronomer at SETI catch a brief signal from an alien civilization more than 30 years ago? What does a tabloid writer with a grudge have to do with the New World Order conspiracy theory? What are the odds that creatures from the stars will come to Earth, would they come in peace and what could we do if they didn’t? Is there a hypersonic jet stored in an Area 51 hangar because the USAF doesn’t know what to do with it? These are the questions Weird Things wants to answer..

After all, where’s the fun in reading about another lake monster or alien abduction and always know that in the end, it will be debunked and dismissed for the upteenth time?

Go there, he will educate and illuminate and entertain you.  Warning… Weird Things may be addictive.  Even to us liberal arts majors.

Oh, and another thing I wanted to talk about (hat tip to Greg actually).  Go Google Burzynski Clinic. Go ahead… we’ll wait.

Back?  Was the first hit one to this post by 17 year old blogger Rhys Morgan? (who seriously should be the main character in a Katherine Kurtz novel with a name like that.)

If it wasn’t then it should be, because in response to this initial posting in august, some PR scumbag somehow affiliated with the clinic, which peddles an expensive cancer treatment that is not covered by insurance to desperate cancer patients, began sending increasingly deranged  cease and desist orders that basically devolved into threats… against a seventeen year old.  Why is it not covered by insurance you ask? Because its been in clinical trials since 1977! Smarter folks than I can talk to you about whether antineoplaston therapy is a snake oil or not…go   read them.

Why is this a Hellions issue? Hey, I want my kids to be able to speak truth to power without being harassed by thugs with legal briefs.

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