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Up From the Pit Fantasy Football: Week 6 Review

October 15, 2014
Final fantasy Football


Week six of the Fantasy Football season is in the books and a look at the standings reveals a two tiered league, with 4 teams definitely fighting for one of the two spots in the championship game, and 4 teams desperately fighting to stay out of last place. Let’s check out how this weeks action helped solidify this division.

Team Scheirer (152 pts) finally installed a complete complete lineup and they ran rampant over the rest of the competition. Arian Foster (28 pts) ran for 109 yards and two trips to the endzone combined with Andrew Luck’s (27 pts) and an astonishing 8 of 9 lineup spots in double figures.  The Open Carriers (147  pts) were right  behind TS this week with a slightly less balanced attack lead by TY Hilton (37 pts), who was the second wideout this year to amass over 200 receiving yards, and DeMarco Murray (26 pts), who led the Cowboys to their shocking upset of the Seahawks in Seattle. Start Your Starters (129 pts) made some great moves this week and some missteps. Matt Forte (37 pts) continues to be a two way threat, with 2 tds on the ground and 10 catches for 77 yards through the air. The Chargers Brandon Oliver (22 pts)  was a great pickup and flex play. But gambling at QB cost SYS this week with Eli Manning (6 pts) getting mauled by the Eagles while Aaron Rodgers (25 pts) left his 3 tds on the bench. Rounding out the first division is Unaccompanied Minors  (125 pts) who benefited from Gio Bernard’s (25 pts) 80 yard touchdown run and Jordy Nelson (25 pts) continuing to catch all the footballs, but wiffed on Larry Fitzgerald’s (21 pts) first productive day of the season.

Conveniently the above four teams are the contenders so far. Below are the four teams who are less than happy with their Fantasy Football season in 2014.  Neer Neer Neeeeeer (120 pts) was led by his starting wide receivers, Steve Smith (22 pts) and SYS castoff Andre Johnson (22pts). All things being relative, NNN has to be happy with the progress they have been making after last years consistent run of last place finishes. The Geatland Grendels (110 pts) haven’t been able to recapture the magic that made them a champion last year. A Bengals heavy lineup was led by Mohammed Sanu (28 pts) and Andy Dalton (22 pts), but they were let down by too many low single digit performances like Chris Ivory (2pts ) and DeAndre Hopkins (2 pts). Our Sports Team enjoyed another great game from Demaryius  Thomas (28 pts) and first half NFL MVP Philip Rivers (25 pts)  on 313 yards passing and 3 more touchdowns, but Eddie Lacy (4 pts) once again disappointed. The Seoul Crushers got on the Tom Brady (30 pts) bandwagon at the right time to enjoy 361 yards and 4 scores, but no one else on the entire roster scored over 20, except Cam Newton (35 pts) and you only get to start one QB.

Now there is still plenty of football to be played. The Open Carriers  have a commanding lead over the field for the top spot with 41 points, a 7 point cushion separating them from the next three teams, TS, SYS, and UC  are currently in a dogfight for that second spot and a chance at the championship. There’s enough time left that we can’t mathematically eliminate  anyone form the post season, but those four teams at the bottom better get their acts together ASAP.

The Standings

8 Team Schierer
7 Open Carriers
6 Start your Starters
5 Unaccompanied Minors
4 Neer Neer
3 Geatland Grendals
2 Our Sports Team
1 Seoul Crushers

Running Total
41 Open Carriers
33 Team Schierer
32 Start your Starters
31 Unaccompanied Minors
24 Seoul Crushers
20 Our Sports Team
18 Neer Neer
18 Geatland Grendals


Featured Image Credit: Final Fantasy Flag Football by DrAssenov at deviantart.

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