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Up From the Pit Fantasy Football: Week 5 Review

October 7, 2014


This week saw the return of the Open Carriers (165 pts) to the top of the weekly standings. The OCs  benefited from the return of Peyton Manning (35 pts) from the bye week, but it was in no way a one man show with solid scoring up and down a solid lineup. Demarco Murray (24 pts) overcame a fumble to rush for 136 yards, further solidifying his spot as the best Fantasy runner this season. Second place went to Team (who needs a tight end) Scheirer (153 pts) who once again played with a lineup spot behind his back. But stellar work from Arian Foster (30 pts) and Andre Ellington (30 pts) supported the Andrew Luck (23 pts)/Julius Jones (21 pts)  combo to cover for the goose egg at tight end.

Our Sports Team (134 pts) played the stars and scrubs game to take the three spot. Eddie Lacey (27 pts), finally got untracked for Green Bay with 105 yards and 2 scores, and the heretofore disappointing Demaryious Thomas (42 pts!) caught 8 passes for ALL OF THE YARDS (226) to go with his own 2 tds. Start Your Starters (131 pts) was just on the heels of OST for the whole weekend, with Matt Forte (34 pts) doing his best Marshall Faulk impression against the Panthers with 12 catches for 112 yards. Unfortunately the Seahawks D/ST (1 pt)  had an unusually quiet night on Monday against the Washington Football Club leaving SYS just short.

Neer Neer Neeeeeer (114 pts) continued their improved play from last week, getting great games from Golden Tate (26 pts) and Drew Brees (22 pts) and even a 5 field goal day from 49’ers kicker Phil Dawson (20 pts). The Seoul Crushers ( 1o9 pts) were right behind, with a surprising game from St. Louis wideout Brian Quick (25 pts) and the usual grinding game from Marshawn Lynch (22 pts), but left way too many points on her bench. Unaccompanied Minors (105 pts) slid down the board this week, with only the Panthers TE Greg Olsen (25 pts) making any hay in the starting lineup and Russel Wilson (34 pts) riding the pine in favor of Matthew Stafford (12 pts) who is struggling with Calvin Johnson injured. Geatlands Grendels (100 pts) were the third team to turn to Justin Forsett (22 pts) to take a turn as a starting RB this year. That wasn’t enough to keep the Grendels and their Bengal heavy lineup out of the cellar.

Player of the Week: Demaryius Thomas, making up for lost time.

Nifty (Not )Move of the Week: Open Carriers for sticking with Rob Gronkowski (22 pts) when a lot of coaches might have sat him against a Bengals team that had been killing the passing game all year.

Marvin Lewis making that face again Award: Unaccompanied Minors not only started the wrong qb, they had DeSean Jackson (26 pts) on the bench watching Eric Decker (0 pts) suffer from a bad case of GenoSmithitis followed by MichealVicktipation.

The running totals are below. The OCs are building a commanding 8 pt lead over 2nd place, which is the same lead than the two second place teams SYS and UM have over sixth place OST. 

Don’t want to talk about the Bengals game. Nope, lets just dust ourselves off and take out our frustrations on the Carolina Panthers.

Featured Image Credit: Nathan Rupert on Flickr

8 Open Carriers
7 Team Schierer
6 Our Sports Team
5 Start your Starters
4 Neer Neer
3 Seoul Crushers
2 Unaccompanied Minors
1 Geatland Grendals

Running Total
34 Open Carriers
26 Start your Starters
26 Unaccompanied Minors
25 Team Schierer
23 Seoul Crushers
18 Our Sports Team
15 Geatland Grendals
14 Neer Neer Neeeeeer


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  1. Kreniigh permalink
    October 7, 2014 10:44 pm

    Super Golden Tate used to be called Super Sugar Tate, until sugar became a bad thing.

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