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Up From the Pit Fantasy Football: Week 3 in Review

September 24, 2014


Well that was a strange but exciting week of real and imaginary football. The Bengals moved to 3-0 with a decisive trouncing of the Tennessee Titans. After three games the Bengals boast the stingiest pass defense in the league, have outscored opponents 88-33. The Denver versus Seattle rematch gave us the game we wanted, with a last minute drive by Manning to send the game into free football, followed by a bruising march down the field in OT to win it for the Seahawks.

In the UFtPFFL a leader has separated from the pack with the Open Carriers (150 pts) securing the high score fro the season, lead by WR Jeremy Maclin (29 pts) and three others over 20, the OC’s ran away with the week despite the presence of a hobbled Brandon Marshall (1 pt) in the lineup. Second place goes to another team struck by injury, with RB Arian Foster a late scratch and with the coach unable to make lineup changes before kickoff it looked grim for Team Schierer (121 pts). But an astonishing 3 players managed to score over 30 pts, Andrew Luck (31 pts), Antonio Brown (31 pts) and Player of the Week Contender “Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard” Jones with a whopping (37 pts) from his 9 catch, 161 yard, and 2 touchdown game.

The Seoul Crushers (99 pts) just edged out Start Your Starters (98 pts) for third place. Coach Abby got the usual beastly running from Marshawn Lynch ( 27 pts, next year somebody else draft this guy?) but not much from Antonio Gates (1 pt) and she left Victor Cruz’s big day (21 ots) on the bench. SYS had similar issues. Dez Bryant (20 pts) led the starters, but Pierre Garcon (30 pts) and Reggie Bush (21 pts) languished on the pine. The Geatland Grendels (87) had a disappointing week, with no starter passing the 20 pt mark, although he did get lucky with a surprising day from Tampa RB Bobby Rainey (17 pts).

Unaccompanied Minors (85 pts) also had trouble pushing the right buttons. Despite a nifty game from “Nat Gio” Bernard (17 pts), they had Russell Wilson (24 pts) and Desean Jackson (22 pts) on the bench, a 35  point swing fro the starters.

Our Sports Team (78 pts) and Neer Neer Neeeeer (69 pts) would like to wake up from the nightmare that has been the 2014 Fantasy Football season.

Week 4 starts on Thursday and I’ll be back then with a quick preview of the week ahead. Bye weeks start up this week, and that’s where the real challenges begin!

Running Total
23 Open Carriers (The Frontrunner)
17 Start your Starters (the bunch of teams in the middle)
16 Team Schierer
16 Unaccompanied Minors
15 Seoul Crushers
13 Geatland Grendals
6 Our Sports Team (The Forsaken)
3 Neer Neer

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