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Up From the Pit Fantasy Football: Week 2 Preview

September 11, 2014

Greetings Football fans! Week 2 is upon us tonight with the debut of Thursday Night Football on CBS at 8:25 Eastern Time. Tonight’s battle will be between the Steelers and the Ravens. Each meeting between these two teams puts this loyal Bengals fan in quite a quandary. Which of these hated rivals do I root for? The storied Pittsburgh franchise, the team with the most Superbowl victories in league history, including one they shredded Carson Palmer’s knee to get to? Or the Ravens, who were lovable losers back when they were the Browns but became unhinged bullies in Baltimore? A quick poll of my Facebook friends revealed that, given the choice of a) Pittsburgh, b) Baltimore or c) This Guy

The winner was Bane in a landslide.

Our Bengals will face the Atlanta Falcons, who came back to beat the Saints in overtime last week in a thrilling 37-34 fireworks show. Don’t expect Matt Ryan to throw for 448 yards against the Bengals veteran secondary. The Falcons have next to no pass rush so I foresee Andy Dalton having time to pitch a tent in the back field if he so chooses, and they have nobody who can run with AJ Green. I expect solid win for the guys in stripes, who haven’t lost at home since 2012.

In other games I’ll be keeping an eye on, the Titans are next to belly up to the free yardage and points buffet that is the wretched Dallas Defense, the Texans will get to chase Raiders rookie QB Derek Carr all over the field, and I’ll be very interested to see if the Jaguars team that scared the crap out of Eagles fans in the first quarter last week will show up in Washington to face the Controversies or will it instead be the team that the Eagles scored 34 unanswered points on in the second half.

As always, players are locked into place at kickoff. Doublecheck your injury reports, rub your lucky rabbits foot and pray to Lord Voldemort, Week 2 starts in an hour. Have fun everybody.

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