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Better Bloggers than I: What’s Really Wrong With Congress? | The Weekly Sift

April 29, 2013

A new feature I’m trying.  I share a lot of links on my Facebook page, to other blogs, sometimes to news articles.  Then my conservative, religious or libertarian friends yell at me,  I yell back and a good time is had by all.   Which is great if you are my Facebook friend (if you aren’t my FB friend, well why not? I’m Facebook Easy; note I unfriend 9/11 truthers on sight).   But why limit the reach of my linkage to my Facebook friends when I can add a link here and nab both of my blog readers as well, besides it will automatically get linked to Facebook and Twitter anyways!

So my first installment will be to Doug Muder’s  excellent blog The Weekly Sift. He specializes in big thinky pieces and excels at the seemingly forgotten art of the long form blog.

What’s Really Wrong With Congress? | The Weekly Sift.

Today’s piece is a review of former Maine Representative Tom Allen’s new book “Dangerous Convictions:What’s Really Wrong  with the U.S. Congress”, a book that is on its way to my Kindle App as we type.  The Sift does a great job of hitting the salient points so go read there, because as the title says, he’s a Better Blogger than I.

Here’s a tease.

So the typical liberal/conservative debate in Congress these days looks like this: The liberal will present an evidence-based expertise-based plan to, say, deal with the economy’s measurable lack of demand by spending money to fix our roads and bridges. The conservative will respond with unquantifiable, uncheckable assertions that debt will destroy business confidence, and that unemployment will go down if we stop coddling the unemployed with extended benefits and instead cut regulations to give the “job creators” more freedom.

Where can the conversation go from there? There is literally nothing to talk about. As Allen says:

Our political polarization and dysfunctional public debate is largely driven by convictions and worldviews immune to contrary evidence and expertise.


Then go back and read everything else he has ever written. Go on… there will be a test…

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