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What not to say to a Stay at Home Dad

October 4, 2012

Colin Thornton passed this link along  on Facebook and I thought I should share it with both of my readers.

From The Good Men Project at the Huffpo. “12 Things Not To Say To A Stay-At-Home Dad”

(Full disclosure, I triple check everything I see from the Huffington Post, they have a well deserved reputation as a safe harbor for all sorts of woo)

My favorites

1. Don’t say the words “Mr.” and “Mom.” In that order. Not at all. Ever.
Men who do full time parenting are called Dads, ’cause that’s what they are

8. Do not ask, “Do you actually change dirty diapers?”
What do you think, there’s a f**king diaper fairy?

Also from the Good Men Project: ” The Day I Acted Like a Sexist Jerk to a Stay at Home Dad” by Heather Davey Fusco

Here’s the thing: we KNOW that men are just as capable as women at being responsible, thoughtful and diligent parents. We live with one. (Hi, dear.) So why was our first, irrepressible instinct to assume otherwise?

It’s really nice to see us SAHD’s getting some good press, even if its just blog press.
PS. “Mr. Mom” is on Netflix streaming… expect a review in this space soonish.
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