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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year… or not if that’s your cup of tea…

December 25, 2011

Christmas has not stalked silently into our midst this year. No… this year we have had the services of one Abigail Ellen  Altima Fairbanks Doench to trumpet the coming birth of our lord and savior Mithra, or Jesus,  or Sol Invictus, or whomever else. I defy anyone to be more excited about the upcoming X-mas as the #1 Hellion.

To our left is the traditional Milk and Cookies to be left out for Santa Claus, including an apple for the reindeer.  It has been placed in front of our chimney with care. This despite the fact that said chimney (an authentic Rookwood tile gas fireplace dating to the late 19th century btw) has never actually been used in the Schmoo’s lifetime, primarily  providing the existential hazard of a large and heavy cast iron cover that occasionally  wiggles loose and crashes to the floor with a massive bang. Also its where the fucking mice live.

Anyhow, the observant reader (That would be you Jen) will notice the cunning trap that my darling oldest child has left for that Jolly Old Elf.  For you see, there will be no cookies for the fat man unless he signs for them.  Or perhaps “sings” for them… the kids six, she’ll pick up the spelling as she goes along. Also… I’m not sure what “ckookies” are, but I’m positive that they will be yummy.

Now to be clear, this is all part of Abby’s season long obsession with getting to the bottom of the Santa Mystery.   Now I subscribe to Dale Mcgowan’s “let them figure it out for themselves”

plan when it comes to Santa.  As a matter of fact, almost all of the Santa lore that Abby has in her darling little head comes from outside our house.  We try and remain agnostic on the subject, merely answering her questions as they come. So far she hasn’t asked “Is Santa Real?” in so many words. But she’s nibbling at the edges. When the time comes we’ll answer honestly.

Abby has also become fascinated by the concept of the Solstice. The fact that it’s the longest night  of the year (or it was on the 22nd) has delighted her inquisitive young mind. And it has allowed us to talk about all of the traditions that have sprung up around the Solstice. About how ancient peoples had a much more intimate relationship with the turning of the seasons  than we do now.

In talking about how traditions started, Abby decided that we should have our own tradition for the Solstice. Our own way of celebrating the darkest night of the year.  And all on her own,  Abigail Ellen  Altima Fairbanks Doench created a tradition.

Every year from now on, this branch of the Doench/Nelson family will have a very special “Breakfast for Dinner” to celebrate the longest night of the year. We will make bacon and eggs and pancakes and cereal and waffles and what have you.  We will turn our night into morning in appreciation of the year that has passed and in anticipation of the new year to come.

So have a  Merry Christmas,  Happy New Year,  stunning Solstice, or whatever else you celebrate as the days grow colder (or for our southern hemisphere friends warmer).  From all the Hellions to all of you.  Happy Holidays.


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