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October 19, 2011

If I had to pick a blog to be my “desert island” blog,  my goto blog, it would be Slacktivist.  Not just because I adore his weekly takedowns of the “Left Behind” novels.  Or how he manages to weave Buffy the Vampire Slayer allegories into said takedowns (or Firefly).  It’s that he has one of the sharpest, most skeptically inclined minds on the internet.

This is from his most recent post today, about the anti-science disposition of the Republican presidential candidates.

Creationism is indefensible on the evidence. The facts are against it. That leaves its proponents with no option except to go meta, attacking the very idea of “evidence” and “facts” by following Pilate’s example and shrugging off the evidence by asking “What is ‘truth’?” Opposed and refuted by overwhelming scientific evidence, they are forced to attack science itself, suggesting that the whole endeavor and the very possibility of learning about the natural world is somehow illegitimate.

Once you’ve taken that leap and made that ideological claim, there’s no reason not to apply the same no-standards standard to sexuality, medicine, climate science or economics. You’re no longer bound by science, by facts, by reality, by what is. And once that’s the case, you’re free to assert whatever foolish absurdities you calculate will be most politically expedient. You can say that you chose to be heterosexual. You can say that vaccines cause autism. You can say that carbon doesn’t trap heat. You can say that reducing demand leads to economic growth.


This is why we take this shit seriously.  There’s meme amongst mushy David Brooks style Centrists, and shared with rightwing apologists, that states that we liberals  overreact to the Christian Dominionist leanings of Michelle Bachmann, or the incoherence of Hermann Cain, or the dull religious  vapidity of Rick Perry.  That we use their outlandish rhetoric to distract from the extremism from the left, to cover up the latest outrage from history’s worst monster Barack Hussein Hitler Obama.

Bullshit, I don’t think we’re reacting enough!  The very idea that someone as divorced from the current state of reality as Herman Cain is allowed anywhere NEAR the Presidency chills my fucking blood!  I’m not sure these people should be allowed to visit the White House, let alone occupy it.



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