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Manic Monday Parenting Links

October 17, 2011

I think one of the secrets to getting a good blogging rhythm down has got to be a recurring schedule of some kind. So I’m instituting Manic Monday Parenting Links day in order to pad out my posting.  I follow a lot of good parenting science and news blogs and I’ll pass on to you guys the ones I really like. Or if they’re really bad in a funny way…

Hat tip to the cool cats at Science Based Parenting for this link.

Skeptic’s Dictionary for Kids

An out growth of Robert T, Carroll’s The Skeptic’s Dictionary , This cool website hosts a quickie list of basic skeptical definitions, crafted as introductory lessons.  Each definition starts with an “In a Nutshell” intro, then delves deeper, like this one for Homeopathy

In a nutshell: Homeopathy is water medicine. The science shows that there’s nothing in homeopathic medicines that could cure anything. Still, many people say they’ve been helped by homeopathic potions.

That’s a much politer way of putting it than I would use, but I’m sure Dr. Carroll has good reasons to avoid saying “Fucking Nonsense” as much as I do.

That’s all I’ve got this week, but I hope to expand this feature next week.

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