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Letting things go…

October 15, 2011

I’m not  a Hoarder I swear…

I’m a bit of a pack rat sure.  I’ve got a bunch of old gaming stuff on shelves and in boxes in the basement, some of which I will never play with again. The same goes for the boxes and boxes of valueless comic books the Girl and I have stored.  I’m sympathetic about physical objects  right up to the point where they become dangerous or massively inconvenient, then they’ve got to go.

That includes tings I have from my Dad.  Admittedly many of the things I have from Dad are imminently practical, like this flannel jacket, which I wear all the time despite the fact that it only has one surviving button.

I think I was sick at the time...

Other objects hold sentimental value beyond their practicality. In the age of iTunes and Spotify,  where even cd’s

are considered old fashioned, I still cherish the old family record player.  To the point that I have expanded my vinyl record collection more in the last 5 years than in the previous 25.   Naomi even built an awesome record cabinet for it. Here’s the old beast in action:

But I have finally given up one… one old thing of my Dad’s that has outlived it’s usefulness…

Free to a good home...

It’s Big, Green, Ugly and remarkably comfortable, as long as you don’t try and recline in it…  It’s sitting on my front porch right now, where it will remain until Thursday night, at which point it heads curbside.  Anybody want?

EDIT: And it’s going…going…GONE.  Yet another good reason to stay on good terms with your ex girlfriends folks!

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