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International Blasphemy Rights Day… was yesterday.

October 1, 2011

So yesterday was International Blasphemy Rights Day.   I for one was very happy with the outpouring of blasphemous material celebrating this day.  Rebbecca Watson posted one of her delightful YouTube Videos.  The great cadre of Bloggers at the new Hub for Atheist and Freethinking blogs over at Freethought Blogs kicked the blasphemy football about thru the course of the day. (An aside… FTB is where we want to be someday… a big part of the October Surprise is to get my blogging skills into shape enough that maybe someday I could be a part of such a  great group of folks).

I didn’t do as much blaspheming this year as I did last, twas a busy day beating the Hellions and all that.   I traditionally have  tried to focus on offending some of the less popular deities.  Taking the Lords name in vain is pretty commonplace nowadays.  Even Draw Mohammed Day is becoming passe.

Float like a Butterfly... Sting like there is no god but allah and Mohammed is his prophet.

The Greatest...

But when was the last time you took a moment to flip Vishnu the bird?  Or pointed out how silly Zoroastrianism is?  (Actually Zoroastrianism is pretty cool as ancient religions go. It’s where we get the original idea of the Magi from.  So yeah, Wizards… we owe Zoroaster for that shit.) It will be 2012 soon, so lets not forget the Hero Twins of Ancient Mayan lore.

Not these Hero Twins

Dance your way through the textbook for any comparative religion course and you’ll find no shortage of strange belief systems cobbled together by ancient peoples trying their best to explain the world.  They were all 99.999999999999% wrong.  Some were worse than that.  Just because a handful of Abrahamic faiths managed to serve the ends of Empire well enough to be preserved to our present day shouldn’t afford them protection from ridicule when appropriate.

The truly important part of  “International Blasphemy Rights Day” isn’t really the blasphemy, as fun as that is. It’s the “Rights” part of the equation. Whilst it may seem foolish to jaded American ears to worry about blasphemy laws, a surprising number of countries have laws against it.  The usual suspects are all there,  theocratic regimes like Iran, Saudi Arabia, et al.  But even Canada and Australia, or more notoriously in recent years Ireland of all places have fallen for the notion that some ideas deserve special protection from scrutiny or scorn due to their antiquity and their curious notions about the nature of the Universe.

Well not here… here at Raising Hellions we hold that all ideas must compete on a level playing field, not one where the power of the State is used to tilt the field toward superstition and irrationality.  So go forth and blaspheme my Hellions.  Make Dad proud…

PS. I am so going to get called in to the principal’s office someday…

PPS. Fuck Buddha… 😉


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