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2010 Review… How are the Hellions doing?

January 5, 2011

2010 was a busy year at Raising Hellions International HQ.  There were birthdays celebrated.  New school years started.  New things broken and old things fixed.  This Krismas marked the second anniversary of my last cigarette. (Yay!) In response, I developed a painful case of plantar fascitis in my left foot, which i guess is a big Fuck You from the Universe, who I’ve always thought had it in for me.  This had really interrupted my exercise regimen which I had hoped would help me lose the 30 extra pounds I’m hauling around as a direct effect of not smoking anymore. Dammit…

But enough about my gripes… How are the Hellions doing with 2010 under their belts?

1) The Schmoo Abides…

The Schmoo, Live at Budokan.

Abby began 201o a preschooler at Winton Montessori. She ended 2010 a kindergartner at the newly opened School for the Creative and Preforming Arts in downtown Cincinnati.  She’s part of the inaugural  class of kids, the first to go all the way from K to 12 at the new building.  And she’s having a blast!

That’s not to say that the transition from a Montessori environment to a different structure has not been a little stressful.  Abby had the same cold feet this time around as she did at Winton, this time magnified by a much more hectic environment.  It certainly did not help at first that the new SCPA building is not exactly the easiest place to drop a kid off at!  There’s no parking anywhere near the place, situated as it is right up on Central Parkway between Race and Elm. And across the street from Washington Park… where we have had a few interesting discussions about the people “camping”.  Plus the staff had decided at first to have all of the kindergartners and first graders, instead of heading to their classes each morning,  gathering all of them in a small gym in the basement.  It was CHAOS!  Each morning felt like a scene from the Disney version of Schindler’s List, terrifying yet heartbreakingly cute. Eventually they came to their senses and now I can practically drop her off with a friendly homeless person each morning and she barely bats an eye.  Also… next year she’s taking the friggin bus.

As we hoped, the SCPA has been a great environment for our first Maggot. She has been taking dance and piano lessons and loving every minute of it.  At her first piano recital she wowed the crowd with an obscure Stravinsky piece called “Old MacDonald had a Farm”. Everybody at school loves her and she loves them all back.  She makes friends easily and gets consistently good marks for behavior. I assume they use some sort of drug in the air supply or something.

She’s also growing like a weed, she turns 6 next month!  It’s hard to believe that it was just six years ago! Ahh…the good old days… when I didn’t have children and I smoked whenever I wanted to…

In non school related news, Abby continues to grow into an inquisitive and intelligent young lady. She has taken a shine to books about science at bedtime, so she knows a lot about dinosaurs and volcanoes and animals.  She has also become really curious about Death.  There’s a lot of good stuff on the subject out there on the internets, and its one of the topics I want to tackle in a longer posting. Suffice it to say that she’s curious and we’ve had some brief discussions about what I believe, as well as what a lot of other people believe and we haven’t had any meltdowns about it yet.

Off to School!

2) The Peanut joins a Gang!

Carolina started her own school adventure this year, taking Abby’s spot at Winton Montessori in Ms. K’s class.    She’s a lot quieter than Abby is,  so sometimes it is hard to tell how she’s doing.  She is also the finickiest eater I’ve ever seen, even worse that I was when I was her age, and I lived on Spaghettios for the better part of the 70’s.  Carolina’s favorite dinner is plain spaghetti with NO SAUCE!

Other than that she’s doing fine.  She’s obstinate as all get out.  She has elaborate conversations with her toys. She likes to wrestle with her little brother. She’s been so completely 3. It will be interesting to see 4.

3) The Grommit…

Dirty Child Eats Dirt

Dirty Child Eats Dirt

There is nothing I can say about Linus that is not summed up by this picture.




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