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Happy New Year 2011 from the Hellions and family!

January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Still there? Good… I know it’s been an uneventful year at the Raising Hellions Blog.  I’ll be honest, I don’t manage my free time very well and the rapidly growing responsibilities of stay at home dadding this brood has been shrinking that free time like a wool sweater that has been left in the care of a stressed out stay at home dad who washed it and then dried in with the rest of the clothes on setting that Eddie Izzard dubbed “Bizarre Wash”. (Sorry Sweetie!)

But that is no excuse.  There are soldiers under fire in our war against EastAsia who manage to crank out   blog posts  in between building schools for little kids and committing war crimes on little kids, its the least I can do to crank out a couple hundred words a day about children’s television, secular parenting or some other silly shit. So powered by a cool glass of water and Kansas’ “Leftoverture” playing on my vintage record player, lets kick off the new year with some resolutions!

Resolution #1: Post more stuff on the blog.

Well yeah… I guess I covered that already in the intro…

But while I’m here I guess I should clarify what this blog all about.  Why read this blog as opposed to my Facebook status or my Twitter feed?  Well you should follow those too silly!  But seriously… I mostly use Twitter passively. I follow a lot of good sportswriters during the football games and stuff like that. I’ll tweet stuff out into the ether every once in awhile, but its never an earth shattering event.  I pretty much use Facebook the way most people do.  I don’t play Farmville, I won’t join your Mafia, and I don’t care if you’ve answered any questions about me, but other than that I’m as likely as the next guy to pass on a chain letter list of 25 songs off my mp3 player or share a stupid Youtube trick I’ve stumbled across.  I wear my politics on my sleeve, so if you’re offended by progressive left wing politics or atheist cheerleading  or skeptical… ummm… skepticking then be prepared for me to link to someone you might disagree with.  One caveat, If I link to someones blog it is primarily to alert my like minded fellows of its existence.  I’m not interested in spending a lot of my time debating my conservative friends on Facebook. If you think Paul Krugman is full of it when I post a link to him, tell HIM that at his blog, he has  a comments section.

So what are we here at the Hellions Blog?  The primary purpose of  Raising Hellions will be to talk about secular parenting and stay at home fathering, ie. its a blog about my full time job, both in the specific (what the Hellions are up to lately) and in general (what society thinks of what the Hellions are up to lately)

Secondarily I’ll be using this space as my personal blog. When I’m going off topic I’ll have “Off Topic” or somesuch in the title of the blog post.  If something I’m thinking about ends up too wordy to tweet or fit in a Facebook post then it will end up here.  Since I do all the cooking in the house, you might even find a recipe or two here.

To sum up Resolution #1: Post more on the blog.  Let’s nail ourselves down and  pledge to post at least 3 times a week, even if it’s just a little ramble or a set of links.

Yes… this post counts…

Lets have a good year…

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  1. January 4, 2011 5:00 pm

    Looking forward to the new posts!

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