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Thanksgiving with family in Birmingham, Alabama… A tragedy in three acts

January 9, 2010

Act 2: Getting there is 45.32389% of the fun.

Birmingham, Alabama is in many ways a fascinating place.  Not that Papa and Oma actually live there.  They actually live like 30 minutes from Birmingham itself in a dreadfully nice subdivision called “Sunny Meadows”.  No, there aren’t any meadows anywhere near the place.  In fact, the whole  development is on a hill. And its not really a “neighborhood”, as almost all of Alabama is unincorporated. There’s next to no public land.  It makes a townie weep.  I’ve been known to go into conniptions if I’m more than 2 blocks from my coffeeshop. The Nelson family residence is two miles from the nearest gas station, let alone any shade grown coffee.

Anyways, we pulled into “Sunny Meadows”  (retch!) Wednesday evening in time for a lovely dinner with the grandparents, a bath for the kiddo’s, and an evening of  exchanging pictures and watching football. (Exciting I know…)

Thanksgiving was fun as usual. I got to prepare my favorite meal, roast turkey.  I love making turkey. I do a different turkey recipe every year and this year was a nifty herb roasted bird with a strips of blanched bacon draped over the breast meat.

All trussed up and nowhere to go...

It was absolutely delicious, one of the best birds I’ve done, actually better than the barbecue smoked turkey I made for 4th of July, and I thought that would be impossible to top!  There was a yummy pan gravy to go with it, plus Maizie pitched in with some excellent sweet potatoes and other side dishes.  We even got Abby to eat some! Carolina had crackers, which is the foundation of her diet.

Dinner was  actually had in the afternoon because Maizie’s  father and aunt had joined us from the nursing home. so we were well into our food coma’s by the time the ‘Bama vs. Auburn game came on,  an incredibly exciting contest in which Auburn almost pulled off a tremendous upset, which would have really screwed up the National Title Picture, which was really the only thing I was rooting for because I find few things in this world more farcical than college football and it’s silly championship game. I am probably in the vast minority when I say I prefer the way they used to do things.  Everybody  played a season of games, went to a bowl game if the sleazy bowl promoters thought they could get enough crazy alumni to come for the matchup, then we had the reporters and coaches take a poll, declare a champ by fiat, and then we spent the rest of the winter arguing about it until pitchers and catchers reported in late February, like civilized people.

Dem Bones...

One of my favorite parts about the trip to Birmingham is always our annual visit to  the Mcwane Science Center.  I’m a sucker for Museums of almost any kind.  The Mcwane center is in the children’s discovery museum  style, with lots of hands on sciency stuff for kids to do.

The three faces of Blotz

All Aboard!!!

They even have fishies!

An excellent time was had by everybody, including Linus, who crawled all over the place.  After the museum we returned for a dinner of my famous leftover turkey soup (hint: use the leftover turkey gravy in it!).

The next thing we knew,  it was Saturday morning and it was time for the long slog back to Cincnnati, which we had to do in 1 day because I had tickets to the Bengals-Browns game the next day.

And that will be the subject of tomorrow’s thrilling conclusion!

3 Comments leave one →
  1. jenifersult permalink
    January 9, 2010 7:51 pm

    This museum looks amazing!

    • blotzphoto permalink*
      January 10, 2010 1:30 am

      It really is a kool place, its a working Museum too, with a whole slew of educational programs. Surprised the fuck out of me the first time we went there.

  2. jenifersult permalink
    January 9, 2010 7:56 pm

    I just re-read this and that turkey looks beautiful, my mouth is watering thinking about that smoked turkey from the 4th, man…. you could open a turkey only restaurant!

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