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Interlude Part Deux: Introducing the Foundation Beyond Belief

January 1, 2010

It is so the Holidays around here at Raising Hellions Global HQ.  That is one excuse I have for not finishing the epic three part tale  about our family trip to Alabama for Thanksgiving.  The other is that I’ve been really distracted by Torchlight , which is a whole mess of fun and on sale through Steam for $9.99 until January 3rd!  So I super uber-promise to get right on that shit ASAP. I have big plans for the Blog as we head into the next arbitrary calender change classification period.

In other news I’m really happy to introduce you folks to a great group of E-migo’s of mine.  Perceptive readers may have noted my link to the right for to dale Mcgowan’s website devoted to non-religious parenting.  We discovered Dale whilst fretting over what to do when Abby came into the world and how exactly we could guarantee she would end up in somebody’s hell. He’s an incredibly cool cat, a major league science geek, and an inspiration to a lot of us in this burgeoning community of secular parenting.

Well now he’s gone and done something really extra cool, (with a lot of help from a lot of other exceptionally cool folks).

Check out this You Tube Video Introduction

(Dale went to the trouble of sending us a big old block of code to insert here that would embed the video, but my WordPress-Fu was not up to the task. If anybody can help, I’ll rectify that.)

Check out the website.  It’s a really amazing group of organizations  that we will be helping in the next quarter.  Plus you can always suggest new ones. I’ll pimp my current candidate KaBoom, (they build playgrounds!!!!)

The Foundation Beyond Belief Website goes live and fully functional January 1st 2010, which should be today, unless you are reading this in the future, in which case, e-mail me who wins this years Super Bowl.

I plan to be back full force and better than ever in the New Year, with more frequent postings, new and old pictures, and even more gratuitous expletives. So have a Happy Fucking New Year everybody!!!

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