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Hide and Seek…

October 2, 2009
Found You!

Found You!

Abby: “Let’s play Hide and Seek!!!!!”

Carolina: ” IDE AN EEK!!! IDE AN EEK!!!”

Abby: “OK, I’ll count, you hide.” Abby covers her eyes and counts to ten,  Carolina moves 2 feet away and assumes the crash position.

Abby: ” Found you!!!”

Carolina: ” Yay!”

Abby: ” Now you count”

Carolina: covers her eyes “One… Two… EAR I COME!!!” (carolina can only count to 2)

Abby: “No.. you hasta count to ten”

At this point Daddy intervenes and helps Carolina count to 10.

Abby runs into the kitchen, at this point Abby is completely safe from being found. In relation to Carolina, Abby is now in the witness protectin program. Unless she uses her credit card at the liquor store, she’s fine.

Carolina: “ATE.. NIE… TEN!!!!!!!”  Carolina looks for Abby under the couch.

Rain Rain Go Away...

Rain Rain Go Away...

Repeat for rest of rainy day…

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  1. Gregory Schulte permalink
    October 2, 2009 3:19 pm

    Cute pictures. How wet did you get standing outside for that window picture? 🙂 Hope the neighbors didn’t see you peeking in the window with a camera! 😉


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