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Hi there…welcome to my corner of the Intertubes

September 5, 2009

Hello there, my name is Louis Doench, aka blotzphoto in many spaces, or Scartore in a few others. And I’ve decided to try and start another blog.  Why, you might ask, assuming “you” exist in any form other than that of rhetorical device?  Well, for many reasons.  For one, the Girl and I finally got a chance to get out of the house and see the excellent Julie & Julia, which we thoroughly enjoyed. For the  underrock resident readers, the film is  about  the grand dame of TV cooking; Julia Child,  and Julie Powell, who writes a blog about her attempt to cook her way through Child’s “Mastering the  Art of French Cooking”. Hilarity ensues (Meryl Streep  is fucking amazing as Julia Child). We see Julia struggle to get her groundbreaking cookbook published. We see Julie go crazy trying to poach an egg.  Go see it. Especially if, like myself, you love to cook.

For two, I read sooooo many excellent Blogs. Really, it is an amazing time to be alive and able to share so much with so many folks from around the world. I certainly plan to talk about the other folks out there who do this thing so well.

That being said, what exactly do I blog about? Julie Powell took a pretty darn good idea, ran it down, and got herself a book deal and a lovely portrayal on screen by Amy Adams.  I’m not shooting that high (but if I do nail that particular brass ring, everybody I know thinks Tim Curry would be perfect to play me).  So subject matter… what jumps out? Do I blog about food?  I do almost all the cooking in our family (Girl always rolls burritos and makes all the omelets, two skills I have never mastered).  I could do that, but to tell the truth, I don’t think my cooking justifies an entire blog. I could blog about D&D or Magic or other geeky pursuits.  Or perhaps the Reds or Bengals, but in a geeky fashion? I could write about photography, my nominal avocation, but I mostly take pic’s of my family right now, as they are the ones most likely to be in front of the camera at any given time.

My family… mmmm now there’s an idea. The trials and tribulations of a stay at home atheist Dad in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Follow along as a 40 year old chases three children under the age of 5 around the Queen City, hopefully without killing himself or any innocent bystanders.   I could do playground reviews. Pimp the Cincinnati Zoo. Take advantage of my children for monetary gain. Toss in random off topic stuff about cooking or atheism or gaming or baseball if the fancy takes me. Right now, my Kids are my life.

My life. That’s the subject. Call me narcissistic. Trust me I’ve been called worse.  Laugh at me? Fuck, I spent half of the ’90s desperately trying to get people to laugh at me. Fair warning… I’m very liberal. Despite that, I’m very Cincinnatian. And I say Fuck a lot, so get used to it.

Welcome to Raising Hellions. I should be a fun ride.

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  1. Gregory Schulte permalink
    September 5, 2009 8:20 pm

    Very cool! I wish you luck on this project. I enjoy dad blogs, as I am a dad myself, so I’ll keep an eye on this space.

  2. jenifersult permalink
    September 6, 2009 6:38 pm

    Bravo! Fuck yeah, I like it. I will follow along, this sounds fun. As a fellow parent of 3 and a Cincinnatian (it still hurts to say that) I look forward to your exploits…..

    You can check out my blog although it is about sewing, design, crochet… things you may very well have zero interest in!

    • blotzphoto permalink*
      September 6, 2009 6:56 pm

      Maybe I’ll become interested in them Jen. Naomi certainly will be.

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