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Monday Muse: I Was Made for Sunny Days

October 6, 2014

The Weepies.

In honor of fall finally arriving in the Tri- State area, which means rain and chills and grey interrupted occasionally by brilliantly blue skies sharp enough to leave scars.

Up From the Pit Fantasy Football: Week 5 Preview

October 3, 2014

Hidey Ho fellow football fans. Week 4 brought some surprising competitiveness to the league. Will Neer Neer Neeeeeeer  and  Our Sports Team be able to keep this up, or will the Open Carriers return to dominance. Can anyone stop the Unaccompanied Minors? I can’t wait to find out.

The week kicks off tonight on CBS with the Green Bay Packers hosting the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikes got a glimpse of their future last week as Teddy Bridgewater passed for 300 plus yards and played mistake free in their surprise thrashing of the Falcons, (note: the Falcons defense isn’t very good.) Unfortunately He suffered a sprained ankle and it looks like the disappointing Christian Ponder, who sounds like a Jesus Rock band, will get the start tonight.

Other matchups with fantasy implications: The Steelers face the ever generous Jacksonville Jaguars and OST is already on the case, having snapped up Ben Roethlisberger to spot start. The Giants, who look like a different team after the first couple weeks of ineptitude shuffle out of short term memory, face a suddenly reeling Falcons team. Does anyone even have Manning the Younger on their roster?

In terms of good football, expect a fun game to be had between Andrew Luck’s Colt’s and Steve Smith’s Ravens. Kansas City and San Diego hook up for another bout in their long rivalry, one that dates back to the AFL. Expect lots of NFL Films footage and Chris Berman to wax poetic if the Chargers wear their baby blue uniforms. And the undefeated Cardinals visit the well rested Broncos. With Carson Palmer suffering from a mysterious nerve ailment, can journeyman Drew Stanton and a nasty defense hold up against the inhuman Peyton Manning and his fleet of receivers?

The game of the week is on Sunday Night Football in what could be the most important regular season game the Bengals have played in years when they travel to Foxboro to take on a New England Patriots team that was embarrassed by the Chiefs last Monday night. Cincinnati has the stingiest secondary in the NFL and Tom Brady looks like he has lost ability to beat teams deep. Either that or none of his receivers can get deep. The Pats O-Line hasn’t given Brady much time to think either. This could be a changing of the guard game for the Bengals if they can pull off the win against a team that many analysts assumed would be Denver’s primary challenger for the AFC title. I can’t wait to see how it plays out!

The only byes this week are the two teams who went to London last week, the Miami Dolphins and the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders decided that head coach Dennis Allen might as well stay in Old Blighty, relieving him of his duties after the Raiders slipped to 0-4. The only player affected by this in our league is Dolphins RB Lamar Miller i believe. I would be shocked to find out that there were ANY Raiders owned in this league.

As always, doublecheck the injury reports and make sure your lineups are final before kickoffs. And have fun!

Featured Image Credit: art418 at deviantart

Hellions attack local amusement park!

October 2, 2014

We missed out on our usual trip to Kings Island this year when The Girls Gigantic International MegaCorp buys out the park and we can leisurely traipse from ride to ride with nary a line to wait in. So we picked a Saturday on the cusp of October to  brave the plebian hordes in a quest for thrills, chills and cotton candy. Here’s proof…




Everybody had a blast. Yay!

Up From The Pit Fantasy Football Week 4 in Review

October 1, 2014

The Last Shall Be First… Almost.

8 Unaccompanied Minors
7 Neer Neer
6 Our Sports Team
5 Seoul Crushers
4 Start your Starters
3 Open Carriers
2 Team Schierer
1 Geatland Grendals

Running Total
26 Open Carriers
24 Unaccompanied Minors
21 Start your Starters
20 Seoul Crushers
18 Team Schierer
14 Geatland Grendals
12 Our Sports Team
10 Neer Neer Neeeer

It is amazing how quickly fortunes can turn in today’s NFL. After 4 weeks of competition there are only 2 undefeated teams left , and neither our beloved Bengals nor the Arizona Cardinals were required to defend that mark this week because they were on bye. The Super Bowl teams of 2014, Denver and Seattle have both been dinged already. Meanwhile last years surprise playoff team, the San Diego Chargers, are 3-1 and led by possible early MVP candidate Phillip Rivers who has tossed 9 touchdowns on the young season to only one pick. All of that despite a running back corps that is hurt/untalented. A Dallas team that looked lost in week one is now tied atop the NFC East at 3-1 with an Eagles team that looked completely lost at times against the 49’ers. And the Chiefs absolutely dismantled the Patriots on Monday Night Football, sending out alarms that the end of an era may be nigh.

In the UFtPFFL this week the cellar dwellers attempted to storm the gates of heaven whilst many of the leading lights of the league leaders were taking the week off. Let’s see how they did!

Unaccompanied Minors (149 pts) just edged out the insurgent Neer Neer Neeeeeeer (148 pts) for the top spot this week valuable points from a returning Jamaal Charles with 3 td’s (31 pts) and fantasy MVP Jordy Nelson (32 pts) who caught a whopping 10 passes for 108 yards and 2 scores against the porous Bears secondary. NNN led for most of the weekend though behind a nasty revenge game from Raven Steve Smith (32 pts) against his old teammates the Carolina Panthers. With solid contributions from Drew Brees (20 pts)  and Lamar Miller (20 pts) and only the dinged up Calvin Johnson (3 pts) dissapointing the NNN’s season looks much less hopeless than it did a week ago. Our Sports Team (132 pts) also started to right the ship this week following what I like to call the “Chase Jacksonville” strategy. Philip Rivers (27 pts), Keenan Allen (23 pts), kicker Nick Novak (15 pts) and the Chargers D/ST (12 pts) took advantage of the Jaguars ineptitude to help OST begin to crawl out of the hole they dug in the first three weeks.

The Seoul Crushers (115 pts) take the 4 spot this week with surprising points from Trent “a 1st rd pick for this?” Richardson (19 pts) scoring once and hauling in 4 passes whilst Jimmie Graham (22 pts) did his usual damage with an  8 for 86 and a TD afternoon. Abby did miss her Seahawks this week. Start Your Starters had a bounce back performance from QB Aaron Rodgers (28 pts) and a big day on the ground from Matt Forte (21 pts). But Vernon Davis (2 pts) and Pierre Garcon (4 pts) left a hole in the lineup and kept them from catching the SC’s.

The Open Carriers (108 pts) had their first sub par week of the season. Despite starting the best running back in football so far in Demarco Murray (27 pts), the OC’s were done in by lackluster receiving and a big goose egg from the Atlanta D/ST, who did absolutely nothing against Minnesota rookie Teddy Bridegwater in his very first NFL start. For the second week in a row bookkeeping snafu’s held back Team Scheirer (105 pts) yet they were still only a touchdown and a field goal from 4th place. Andrew Luck (31 pts), who threw for 393 yards and 4 td’s in the Colts obliteration of the Tennessee Titans, and Antonio Brown (32 pts, a popular total this week) did the heavy lifting. Think about what this team might have done with a second RB and a TE? The Geatland Grendals (98 pts) were the only team to miss the century mark. Heavily invested in the idle Cincinnati Bengals, the GG’s relied on the likes of Geno Smith (12 pts) at quarterback, and Bobby Rainey (2 pts) at RB. It wasn’t all bad news as Randall Cobb (30 pts) had his first big game of the year. Unfortunately he only gets to play against the Bears “Cover Nobody” defense one more time this year.

I forgot to give out awards last week.

Player of the Week: All those dudes with 32 points! That’s Numberwang!

Coaching Genius Move of the Week: I’m giving this one to OST, for pulling all the right levers for once this season.

Marty Schottenheimer Memorial Bonehead Move of the Week: For not zealously defending his $20, AJ and Team Scheirer take home the No Prize. Check your lineups before kickoff folks!!!

That’s all for today. Back with a quick preview on Thursday.

Featured Image Credit: BS-Comics at Deviant Art

Up From The Pit Fantasy Football: Week 4 Preview

September 25, 2014

Week 4 starts tonight with an 8:25 kickoff between the New York Football Giants, coming off their first victory of the season, and the Washington Pigheaded Caucasians, already on their second quarterback. The entire NFC East is a joke right now, with a banged up Eagles team an unlikely 3-0 and the Cowboys defense giving up touchdowns to rival cheer-leading squads. The entire enterprise will likely be a race to see which team gets to be upset at home by a pissed off NFC West Wild Card team.  On paper the Potatoes are the better team, having actually outscored their competition so far this season, but one has to wonder how long Kirk Cousins can continue to exceed expectations.

In other games of interest. Teams featuring Packers players other than Jordy Nelson have had a frustrating first few weeks. A visit to Soldier Field to face a Bears defense that has escorted opponents to 377 yards per game may be the tonic that Eddie Lacy and Aaron Rodgers owners have been waiting for. On the other side of the ball, the Bears wideout situation is still hazy. Alshon Jeffery is healthy, but Brandon Marshall was still wobbly last we checked.  The Jaguars take their “aren’t we awful” act to San Diego, making every Charger offensive player a valid play. And I’ll be really interested in seeing Teddy Bridgewater’s first start for the Vikings against Atlanta. As we saw when the Falcons visited the Jungle, the Atlanta pass rush is almost non-existent and their secondary is ordinary at best. Pretty good conditions for the debut of a player who I think was underrated by teams because of a poor Pro-day before the draft.

Bye weeks begin with a whopping 6 teams taking the week off; Cardinals, Bengals, Browns, Broncos, Rams, and the Seahawks. Discount Doublecheck your starting lineups and adjust accordingly.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Up From the Pit Fantasy Football: Week 3 in Review

September 24, 2014


Well that was a strange but exciting week of real and imaginary football. The Bengals moved to 3-0 with a decisive trouncing of the Tennessee Titans. After three games the Bengals boast the stingiest pass defense in the league, have outscored opponents 88-33. The Denver versus Seattle rematch gave us the game we wanted, with a last minute drive by Manning to send the game into free football, followed by a bruising march down the field in OT to win it for the Seahawks.

In the UFtPFFL a leader has separated from the pack with the Open Carriers (150 pts) securing the high score fro the season, lead by WR Jeremy Maclin (29 pts) and three others over 20, the OC’s ran away with the week despite the presence of a hobbled Brandon Marshall (1 pt) in the lineup. Second place goes to another team struck by injury, with RB Arian Foster a late scratch and with the coach unable to make lineup changes before kickoff it looked grim for Team Schierer (121 pts). But an astonishing 3 players managed to score over 30 pts, Andrew Luck (31 pts), Antonio Brown (31 pts) and Player of the Week Contender “Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard” Jones with a whopping (37 pts) from his 9 catch, 161 yard, and 2 touchdown game.

The Seoul Crushers (99 pts) just edged out Start Your Starters (98 pts) for third place. Coach Abby got the usual beastly running from Marshawn Lynch ( 27 pts, next year somebody else draft this guy?) but not much from Antonio Gates (1 pt) and she left Victor Cruz’s big day (21 ots) on the bench. SYS had similar issues. Dez Bryant (20 pts) led the starters, but Pierre Garcon (30 pts) and Reggie Bush (21 pts) languished on the pine. The Geatland Grendels (87) had a disappointing week, with no starter passing the 20 pt mark, although he did get lucky with a surprising day from Tampa RB Bobby Rainey (17 pts).

Unaccompanied Minors (85 pts) also had trouble pushing the right buttons. Despite a nifty game from “Nat Gio” Bernard (17 pts), they had Russell Wilson (24 pts) and Desean Jackson (22 pts) on the bench, a 35  point swing fro the starters.

Our Sports Team (78 pts) and Neer Neer Neeeeer (69 pts) would like to wake up from the nightmare that has been the 2014 Fantasy Football season.

Week 4 starts on Thursday and I’ll be back then with a quick preview of the week ahead. Bye weeks start up this week, and that’s where the real challenges begin!

Running Total
23 Open Carriers (The Frontrunner)
17 Start your Starters (the bunch of teams in the middle)
16 Team Schierer
16 Unaccompanied Minors
15 Seoul Crushers
13 Geatland Grendals
6 Our Sports Team (The Forsaken)
3 Neer Neer

Monday Muse: What to play at my Funeral

September 23, 2014

Not meaning to be morbid, but this should definitely be played at my funeral.

Please Don’t Bury Me, John Prine

Ps I’ll clean this up tomorrow ;)


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