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Monday Muse: “Some” Jethro Tull

October 20, 2014

Got an hour? Click the link, I’ll fix the embed tomorrow.

Up from the Pit Fantasy Football: Week 7 preview

October 16, 2014

It’s week 7 in the Fantasy Football season, the midway point between the fading memory of September’s warm breezes and the anticipation of January’s bitter winds. Yeah, feeling poetic.
Tonight’s game will be a renewal of one of the bitterest rivalries in sports as the New England Patriots host the New York Jets. Unfortunately for those hoping to see a competitive game the Jets have one of the worst quarterback situations in the NFL, with neither Geno Smith nor an aging Mike Vick providing anything resembling a threat through the air. Oh, and their running attack is lead by the Chris Johnson, who can still talk like a 2000 yard runner, but can’t even run like a 1000 yard plodder anymore. This will probably be ugly. The Jets defense isn’t bad, but I predict that they will get pretty tired of being on the field all day. One note, Stephen Ridley, who was finally showing some of the promise that made him a high draft pick, is out for the season for the Pats. Expect Shane Vereen to get a boost in touches.

The Bengals travel to Indy to face Andrew Luck and the Colts. AJ Green has already been ruled out for this game, and Marvin Jones was finally put on Injured Reserve, ending his attempt to play this season after suffering a broken foot in training camp. Cincinnati signed former Browns wideout Greg Little to fill out the depth chart, but expect Mohammed Sanu to continue to be Andy Dalton’s #1 target. Even though it’s a road game I think the Bengals match up well with the Colts. It’s the toughest game on the schedule until the trip to New Orleans in a month. It would be nice to steal a victory here.

Other interesting games on the schedule. After undressing the Tampa Bay Bucs last week, Joe Flacco and the Ravens get to feast on another tepid NFC South defense in the Atlanta Falcons. Expect another big game from either Steve Smith Sr. or Torrey Smith. But oddly not at the same time it seems. The surprising Browns head to Florida to take on a Jaguars team that has shown signs of semi-competence the last two weeks. I’d still start all of my Brownies if I had them, even quarterback Brian Hoyer if you regular passer is on bye. The first place Arizona Cardinals (really?) are happy to have Carson Palmer back (seriously?) and they also get the gift of playing the Oakland Raiders semi-pro rec league team. The game I want to watch at 4 pm is the Chiefs vs Chargers, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be gifted with “America’s Team” the Dallas Cowboys hosting the suddenly lost in the wilderness again New York Football Giants.

The Sunday Night Football game should be a doozy, with the 49’ers in danger of falling 2 games behind the Cardinals in the loss column and perhaps getting crowded out of the playoff picture altogether. And the Bronco’s suddenly fighting to keep up with a Chargers team that is playing like the best in football right now.

The woe begotten Buccaneers and the Eagles get the week off to rest. Doublecheck the injury reports and update your lineups folks. And as always, have fun!

Up From the Pit Fantasy Football: Week 6 Review

October 15, 2014
Final fantasy Football


Week six of the Fantasy Football season is in the books and a look at the standings reveals a two tiered league, with 4 teams definitely fighting for one of the two spots in the championship game, and 4 teams desperately fighting to stay out of last place. Let’s check out how this weeks action helped solidify this division.

Team Scheirer (152 pts) finally installed a complete complete lineup and they ran rampant over the rest of the competition. Arian Foster (28 pts) ran for 109 yards and two trips to the endzone combined with Andrew Luck’s (27 pts) and an astonishing 8 of 9 lineup spots in double figures.  The Open Carriers (147  pts) were right  behind TS this week with a slightly less balanced attack lead by TY Hilton (37 pts), who was the second wideout this year to amass over 200 receiving yards, and DeMarco Murray (26 pts), who led the Cowboys to their shocking upset of the Seahawks in Seattle. Start Your Starters (129 pts) made some great moves this week and some missteps. Matt Forte (37 pts) continues to be a two way threat, with 2 tds on the ground and 10 catches for 77 yards through the air. The Chargers Brandon Oliver (22 pts)  was a great pickup and flex play. But gambling at QB cost SYS this week with Eli Manning (6 pts) getting mauled by the Eagles while Aaron Rodgers (25 pts) left his 3 tds on the bench. Rounding out the first division is Unaccompanied Minors  (125 pts) who benefited from Gio Bernard’s (25 pts) 80 yard touchdown run and Jordy Nelson (25 pts) continuing to catch all the footballs, but wiffed on Larry Fitzgerald’s (21 pts) first productive day of the season.

Conveniently the above four teams are the contenders so far. Below are the four teams who are less than happy with their Fantasy Football season in 2014.  Neer Neer Neeeeeer (120 pts) was led by his starting wide receivers, Steve Smith (22 pts) and SYS castoff Andre Johnson (22pts). All things being relative, NNN has to be happy with the progress they have been making after last years consistent run of last place finishes. The Geatland Grendels (110 pts) haven’t been able to recapture the magic that made them a champion last year. A Bengals heavy lineup was led by Mohammed Sanu (28 pts) and Andy Dalton (22 pts), but they were let down by too many low single digit performances like Chris Ivory (2pts ) and DeAndre Hopkins (2 pts). Our Sports Team enjoyed another great game from Demaryius  Thomas (28 pts) and first half NFL MVP Philip Rivers (25 pts)  on 313 yards passing and 3 more touchdowns, but Eddie Lacy (4 pts) once again disappointed. The Seoul Crushers got on the Tom Brady (30 pts) bandwagon at the right time to enjoy 361 yards and 4 scores, but no one else on the entire roster scored over 20, except Cam Newton (35 pts) and you only get to start one QB.

Now there is still plenty of football to be played. The Open Carriers  have a commanding lead over the field for the top spot with 41 points, a 7 point cushion separating them from the next three teams, TS, SYS, and UC  are currently in a dogfight for that second spot and a chance at the championship. There’s enough time left that we can’t mathematically eliminate  anyone form the post season, but those four teams at the bottom better get their acts together ASAP.

The Standings

8 Team Schierer
7 Open Carriers
6 Start your Starters
5 Unaccompanied Minors
4 Neer Neer
3 Geatland Grendals
2 Our Sports Team
1 Seoul Crushers

Running Total
41 Open Carriers
33 Team Schierer
32 Start your Starters
31 Unaccompanied Minors
24 Seoul Crushers
20 Our Sports Team
18 Neer Neer
18 Geatland Grendals


Featured Image Credit: Final Fantasy Flag Football by DrAssenov at deviantart.

Up From the Pit Fantasy Football: Week 6 Preview

October 9, 2014

The 2014 NFL season is six weeks in and some things are obvious; the Raiders are horrid, the Broncos are awesome, The Seahawks look like Champs whilst the Saints look like Chumps. Other things are hazy. Will any running back besides Demarco Murray and Marshawn Lynch be worth a damn consistently this year? Will superstar receivers AJ Green and Calvin Johnson ever be healthy? Which is the real Tom Brady, the one who dissected the Bengals or the one who could barely beat the Raiders? All will soon be revealed upon the grids of iron!

Thursday’s contest is an AFC South matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and the Houston Texans at NRG Stadium. Both teams are 3-2, the Colts winning with an electric Andrew Luck led passing game and a passable defense and running game. The Texans flip the script with running back Arian Foster, backup Alfred Blue, and the ferocious JJ Watt led defense propping up a passing offense that depends on noodle armed Ryan Fitzpatrick. Gifted wideouts Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins are being strangled by this passing game.

The Bengals come home after their butt whipping at the hands of the Patriots to face a Carolina Panthers team that came back from 14 down to beat the Bears last week. I like this matchup for the Bengals. Carolina is really banged up at running back so they shouldn’t be able to exploit the soft run defense of our Bengals the way the Pats did. With AJ Green out for another week with a bad toe I don’t expect a blowout. But the Bengals haven’t lost in the Jungle in forever and I don’t see Carolina changing that this week.

In other interesting games, San Diego gets their chance to star in this weeks episode of The Oakland Raiders 0-16 Nightmare Season of Horror. I dare anyone to start a Raider against what may be the best team in Football right now. The other winless team, the Jacksonville Jaguars travel to Tennessee to take on a Titans team that is already thinking of turning to a third QB, rookie 6th rounder Zach Mettenburger, to replace the hurt and innefective Jake Locker. The Jags defense started to show some life against the Steelers last week and QB of the Future is Now Blake Bortles can certainly make some incredible passes. Sunday may see things start to turn around for the teal and gold?

There are some great division games this week. The surprising Browns get another crack at the Steelers, the Giants face the Eagles on Sunday night, and MNF features the 49’ers taking on the fun to watch Rams with third string sensation Austin Davis having the time of his life playing QB for the Rams.

This is a bye week for the Chiefs and the Saints, a pair of 2-3 teams that probably really appreciate the week off to catch their breath.

As always, double check the injury reports, adjust your lineups before kickoff, and have fun watching football!

Up From the Pit Fantasy Football: Week 5 Review

October 7, 2014


This week saw the return of the Open Carriers (165 pts) to the top of the weekly standings. The OCs  benefited from the return of Peyton Manning (35 pts) from the bye week, but it was in no way a one man show with solid scoring up and down a solid lineup. Demarco Murray (24 pts) overcame a fumble to rush for 136 yards, further solidifying his spot as the best Fantasy runner this season. Second place went to Team (who needs a tight end) Scheirer (153 pts) who once again played with a lineup spot behind his back. But stellar work from Arian Foster (30 pts) and Andre Ellington (30 pts) supported the Andrew Luck (23 pts)/Julius Jones (21 pts)  combo to cover for the goose egg at tight end.

Our Sports Team (134 pts) played the stars and scrubs game to take the three spot. Eddie Lacey (27 pts), finally got untracked for Green Bay with 105 yards and 2 scores, and the heretofore disappointing Demaryious Thomas (42 pts!) caught 8 passes for ALL OF THE YARDS (226) to go with his own 2 tds. Start Your Starters (131 pts) was just on the heels of OST for the whole weekend, with Matt Forte (34 pts) doing his best Marshall Faulk impression against the Panthers with 12 catches for 112 yards. Unfortunately the Seahawks D/ST (1 pt)  had an unusually quiet night on Monday against the Washington Football Club leaving SYS just short.

Neer Neer Neeeeeer (114 pts) continued their improved play from last week, getting great games from Golden Tate (26 pts) and Drew Brees (22 pts) and even a 5 field goal day from 49’ers kicker Phil Dawson (20 pts). The Seoul Crushers ( 1o9 pts) were right behind, with a surprising game from St. Louis wideout Brian Quick (25 pts) and the usual grinding game from Marshawn Lynch (22 pts), but left way too many points on her bench. Unaccompanied Minors (105 pts) slid down the board this week, with only the Panthers TE Greg Olsen (25 pts) making any hay in the starting lineup and Russel Wilson (34 pts) riding the pine in favor of Matthew Stafford (12 pts) who is struggling with Calvin Johnson injured. Geatlands Grendels (100 pts) were the third team to turn to Justin Forsett (22 pts) to take a turn as a starting RB this year. That wasn’t enough to keep the Grendels and their Bengal heavy lineup out of the cellar.

Player of the Week: Demaryius Thomas, making up for lost time.

Nifty (Not )Move of the Week: Open Carriers for sticking with Rob Gronkowski (22 pts) when a lot of coaches might have sat him against a Bengals team that had been killing the passing game all year.

Marvin Lewis making that face again Award: Unaccompanied Minors not only started the wrong qb, they had DeSean Jackson (26 pts) on the bench watching Eric Decker (0 pts) suffer from a bad case of GenoSmithitis followed by MichealVicktipation.

The running totals are below. The OCs are building a commanding 8 pt lead over 2nd place, which is the same lead than the two second place teams SYS and UM have over sixth place OST. 

Don’t want to talk about the Bengals game. Nope, lets just dust ourselves off and take out our frustrations on the Carolina Panthers.

Featured Image Credit: Nathan Rupert on Flickr

8 Open Carriers
7 Team Schierer
6 Our Sports Team
5 Start your Starters
4 Neer Neer
3 Seoul Crushers
2 Unaccompanied Minors
1 Geatland Grendals

Running Total
34 Open Carriers
26 Start your Starters
26 Unaccompanied Minors
25 Team Schierer
23 Seoul Crushers
18 Our Sports Team
15 Geatland Grendals
14 Neer Neer Neeeeeer


Monday Muse: I Was Made for Sunny Days

October 6, 2014

The Weepies.

In honor of fall finally arriving in the Tri- State area, which means rain and chills and grey interrupted occasionally by brilliantly blue skies sharp enough to leave scars.

Up From the Pit Fantasy Football: Week 5 Preview

October 3, 2014

Hidey Ho fellow football fans. Week 4 brought some surprising competitiveness to the league. Will Neer Neer Neeeeeeer  and  Our Sports Team be able to keep this up, or will the Open Carriers return to dominance. Can anyone stop the Unaccompanied Minors? I can’t wait to find out.

The week kicks off tonight on CBS with the Green Bay Packers hosting the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikes got a glimpse of their future last week as Teddy Bridgewater passed for 300 plus yards and played mistake free in their surprise thrashing of the Falcons, (note: the Falcons defense isn’t very good.) Unfortunately He suffered a sprained ankle and it looks like the disappointing Christian Ponder, who sounds like a Jesus Rock band, will get the start tonight.

Other matchups with fantasy implications: The Steelers face the ever generous Jacksonville Jaguars and OST is already on the case, having snapped up Ben Roethlisberger to spot start. The Giants, who look like a different team after the first couple weeks of ineptitude shuffle out of short term memory, face a suddenly reeling Falcons team. Does anyone even have Manning the Younger on their roster?

In terms of good football, expect a fun game to be had between Andrew Luck’s Colt’s and Steve Smith’s Ravens. Kansas City and San Diego hook up for another bout in their long rivalry, one that dates back to the AFL. Expect lots of NFL Films footage and Chris Berman to wax poetic if the Chargers wear their baby blue uniforms. And the undefeated Cardinals visit the well rested Broncos. With Carson Palmer suffering from a mysterious nerve ailment, can journeyman Drew Stanton and a nasty defense hold up against the inhuman Peyton Manning and his fleet of receivers?

The game of the week is on Sunday Night Football in what could be the most important regular season game the Bengals have played in years when they travel to Foxboro to take on a New England Patriots team that was embarrassed by the Chiefs last Monday night. Cincinnati has the stingiest secondary in the NFL and Tom Brady looks like he has lost ability to beat teams deep. Either that or none of his receivers can get deep. The Pats O-Line hasn’t given Brady much time to think either. This could be a changing of the guard game for the Bengals if they can pull off the win against a team that many analysts assumed would be Denver’s primary challenger for the AFC title. I can’t wait to see how it plays out!

The only byes this week are the two teams who went to London last week, the Miami Dolphins and the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders decided that head coach Dennis Allen might as well stay in Old Blighty, relieving him of his duties after the Raiders slipped to 0-4. The only player affected by this in our league is Dolphins RB Lamar Miller i believe. I would be shocked to find out that there were ANY Raiders owned in this league.

As always, doublecheck the injury reports and make sure your lineups are final before kickoffs. And have fun!

Featured Image Credit: art418 at deviantart


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